3 April 2016

atelier mobile exhibition at the castello del valentino

atelier mobile is thrilled to present its exhibition
atelier mobile_educational building sites
at the  
Sala delle Colonne, Castello del Valentino, viale Mattioli 39, Torino
opening on  
monday 11 april @ 5 pm

The graphic design of the exhibition was studied by a students team composed by Beatrice Gamba, Niccolò Suraci, Maria Elena Ferraresi, Fabrizio Fraraccio, Danilo Marcuzzo, Sammy Zarka and Lu Yu, tutored by atelier mobile and Chiara Devoti (Politecnico di Torino). The team also designed an ebook and a set of paper models which will be presented during the opening day. The exhibition is sponsored by Politecnico di Torino (fondi per la progettualità studentesca).

14 March 2016

Preliminary Workshop 1_Building System Study

The preparatory phase of atelier mobile#5 is going to be articulated in 3 preliminary workshops (PWS).
PWS1 took place on march 8-9, it was dedicated to the study of precedents (small architectures, pavilions, landscape furnitures...) mainly composed by timber elements with the purpose of highlighting building systems suitable to our project.
The research team was divided in two groups asked to study precedents where the structure was or was not corresponding to the external skin of the building.
Jan Zwiejski (Université Laval, Québec) and Walter Nicolino (architect, Torino) were invited to a discussion with the research team to underline features and potential developments of the chosen systems.

13 March 2016

am#5 students team

atelier mobile#5 will take place in Paraloup in Valle Stura near Cuneo on the last week of next July with the aim to design and build a series of installations to lead the visitors to the new museum in the mountain hamlet.

A team composed by BA and Master architecture students of the Politecnico di Torino was awarded a funding for students projects to take part in the organization of the summer workshop.

The students with the assistance of atelier mobile tutors and the academic reference by professors Roberto Giordano and Chiara Devoti will study the historical and geographical features of the area and a building system to be used during the workshop.

21 September 2015

am#4_The Stura Pavilion

along the stura river and the irrigation canals, aside the hydroelectric plant “centrale fernando olivero” in 6 days of atelier it was built a pavilion as a resting point for cyclist and walkers with three main frames opened to the main features of the surrounding landscape

atelier mobile_sara ambrosoli, luca barello, paolo cavallo, paolo golinelli, luca malvicino

atelier participants_mary farwy, maria elena ferraresi, beatrice gamba, danilo marcuzzo, alessia sciotto, yichen song, niccolò suraci, lu yu, sammy zarka (building system+workshop), lorenzo bottiglieri, laura cane, fabrizio fraraccio (workshop), giulia cerrato (building system)

falegnami/carpenters_daniele ambrosoli, mattia carrera, alberto seita

referente accademico/academic tutor_chiara devoti

un grazie speciale a/special thanks to
marco viada, luca gautero_parco fluviale gesso e stura
comune di cuneo
comune di vignolo
andrea fulcheri_consorzio irriguo fernando olivero
francesca chessa, katia luchetta, paolo mellano, mauro sudano, jan-b zwiejski

photos by atelier mobile, maria elena ferraresi, danilo marcuzzo, alberto seita

more picutres here

20 September 2015

Diary 7_-365

Many thanks to all who contributed to make our atelier possible.

See you in 2016 for am#5!

Diary 6

Saturday 29 august

Final finishing.

Pavilion opening with the representatives of the Parco fluviale Gesso e Stura, the Cuneo and Vignolo Municipalities, the Consorzio irriguo Fernando Olivero.

The pavilion will be completed with info panels placed at the entrance from the main path and aside the observation frames.

Diary 5

Friday 28 august

Frames and upper junctions placement and cut, last frames finishing, benches assembling and placement.